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Acon3, Agar2, Ag-c2, Alum3, Ambr2, Am-c4, Am-m3, Anac3, Ang2,
Ant-c3, Ant-t2, Arg2, Arn2, Ars2, Asaf2, Asar3, Aur2, Bar-c5, Bell5, Bor2,
Bov2, Bry3, Calc5, Camph2, Can2, Canth2, Caps2, Carb-a2, Carb-v4, Caust4,Cham2, Chin3,Cimic4, Cina2, Clem2, Cocc3, Colch2, Colo2,CON3, Croc2, Cupr2, Cycl3, Dig3, Dros2, Dulc2, Euphor2, Ferr2, Graph3,Guai2, Hell2, Hep2, Hyo3, Ign3, Iod2, Ip2, Kali-c4, Kali-n3, Lach4, Laur3, Led2, Lyc4, Mag-c3, Mag-m2, Mang2, Men3, Merc3, Mos2, Nat-c4, Nat-m5, Nit-ac4, Nux-m2, Nux-v5, Old2, Op2, Par3, Petr4, Phos4, Pho-ac3, Phyt4, Plat3, Plb2, Puls4, Ran-b2, Rheum2, Rhod3, Rhus-t5, Ruta2, Saba2, Sabin3, Samb2, Sars3, Scill2, Sec-c2, Sep5, Sil5, Spig2, Spong3, Stann2, Staph3, Stron2, Sulph5, Tarax3, Thuj3, Val2, Ver-a2, Vio-o3, Vio-t2, Zinc2.

Agar3, Apis2, Ars2, Asar2, Bell2, Can2, Caust2, Chin2, Colo2, Dig2, Hep2, Iod2, Lyc2, Merc-i-r2, Nat-m2, Nat-s2, Nux-v2, Pho-ac2, Ruta2, Sulph3 Thuj2, Zinc3.
CRACKING; Cervical Region:
Agar2, Agn, Aloe, Anac2, Aur-m-n, Chel2, Chin, Cocc2, Nat-c3, Nicc2, Nit-ac, Nux-v, Ol-an, Petr2, Puls2, Raph, Spong3, Stann, Sulph2, Thuj2.
- crepitation in vertebrae on stooping: Agar.
- rising from stooping on : Nicc.
- stooping, on : Spong
- sudden movement, causes snap or crack: Cinch.bol2.
- snaps on stooping: Spong
- of vertebrae, on moving: Chel3.
- when moved: Petrol3

CONSTRICTION or Band, Cervical region:
Acon2, Agar, Apis, Asar2, Bell2, Chel2, Dulc2, Dig3, Glon4, Iod2, Lach2, Lyc2, Nux-m2, Sep, Spig3.
- frequent attacks, as if gripped by hand, worse from wine: Glon3.
- choking, as if ligature were tied around, which prevented blood from returning
from head: Glon3.
- feeling as though a cord were tightly tied around: Lach3.
- sensation in muscles as from cravat : Asar.
- as of a ligature thrown around; impending return of venous circulation: Bell3.
- in nape: Nux-m
- feels tied with a napkin: Chel.

CONTRACTIONS (cf. Spasm, Drawing pains, Tension, Spasmodic Drawing)
Puls2, Sep2.
- of muscles (hysterical attacks): Cic3
- muscles in upper part: Cinnab.
- lateral muscles appear to him contracted
(periodic cervical neuralgia): Chin.s3
- feeling in right side of nape: Gels3
- spasmodic of muscles, almost like tetanus: Lyss.

Bar-c3, Bell2, Calc-p2, Cic4, Climic2, Glon2, Iod, Hyd-ac2, Kali-bi2, Lyco, Naja, Nux-v4, Plb.

Cervical: Calc2, Phos, Syph2.

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