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Mr. K.N.G. 32 years, came on 18.6.1993 with complaint of p

ain in nape of neck radiating down the back to right hip joint. The pain was accompanied by stiffness and a cracking noise,
SYMPTOMS Pain <Movement especially sudden jerks
since 5-6 years < Bending neck backwards.
< Sitting
>Hard pressure
> Diathermy (temporarily)
Stiffness < Morning

The above complaint was also accompanied with.
electric shock-like sensation in occiput with darkness before eyes.
-Appetite - Good
- When hungry for long, suffers from
a:- Headache, Giddiness
b:- Irritability.
- Eats fast when hungry
Thirst - 1-2 glasses, preference for cold water.
Desires - Oysters, Ice, Butter, Cold Milk, Mushroom, Cheese, Whisky.
Aversion -
Perspiration - On the forehead < eating while
Likes cold weather
Sleep - Unrefreshed in the morning.
Associated Complaints:
Sensitive to strong odours
Pain in the knees
- as though a sharp instrument was thrust in < First motion
- With stiffness > Continued motion
- Crackling < Exertion
- Numbness occ. < Sitting
Stiffness in the shoulders <Carrying a heavy object
Tired fatigued feeling.
Family history:
Father : Dead at 63 years Diabetes.IHD, Hypotension following myocardial infarction.
Mother : Dead at 67 years : Hypertension, CVA (Right hemiplegia)
Brother: Dead at 45 years : Diabetes,Hypertension (Cerebral
Sister : Dead at 23 years Hypertension following cerebral haemorrhage
The fundamental miasm is syphilitic Miasm.
Past History:
The dominant miasm is Tubercular Miasm.
Patient was born in Bombay, educated in a vernacular medium school. Patient wanted to go in for Engineering (Aeronautics) but his father forced him to take up Commerce. Patient appeared for 2-3 exams and then left college.
He was forced to join his father's business though he had made his opposition to it very clear.
Father was a self-made man, but very weak emotionally. Mother was suffering from paralysis since 14 years. She expired few years ago which was a great loss to the patient.
Elder brother was stupid and childish in behaviour.
He was treated badly by his in-laws and patient regards his brother
lucky to have expired.
Due to some disputes patient separated from his sister. His sister's behaviour shocked him. He had to give his house and offices to them and was in great tension. Now patient has no emotions left for his relatives to the extent that even if one of them dies before him he would not care.
Relations with wife (love marriage) and his in-laws are good.
Anger easy
Shouts anger during
Remembers hurts for long Thoughts of revenge
Likes to remain alone
Brooding over past disagreeable events.
Love for animals.
Dreams- dead of the clairvoyant
Occasionally, able to predict unfortunate events.
Tension regarding business.
Hurry, occupation in.
Once decides to do something( work) -nothing can stop him. Will -strong.
Judgement- of people usually good.
Has learnt by observing people, reading books.
Goes into depth of any matter- leaves no stone unturned.



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