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                                                                                                                Auxiliary Treatment




Extension and Flexion                         

Extension and flexion is especially helpful when you feel your neck and back stiffen. While sitting, place your hands on your knees and push down. Slowly arch your back andjjend your beck backward. Then slowly slump forward. Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Side Bend                                     

Side bends increase your side-to-side flexibility. Start by lacing yourfingers together and pointing your elbows outward. Bend at the waist,tilting your body to one side as far as you can. Then bend your headand neck in the same direction. Repeat on your other side. Repeat thisexercise 10 times.


Sit And Twist                                 

This exercise increases the flexibility of your entire spine. To begin, laceyour fingers together and point your elbws outward. Slowly and gentlytwist at your waist, rotating your head and neck to the same side.Repeat toward the other side. Repeat this exercise 10 times.


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