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Dear Reader,

All the information available on this website is just to know more about cervical spondylosis (neck pain).
Information on this website has been taken from “Homeopathy in Cervical Spondylosis” by “Dr.Farokh J.Master”.

I have left the REPERTORY section incomplete as it is not useful for every one but I can e-mail you on request.
It is true that with the help of this book people find homeopathic medicine according to their pain as medicine’s are described with the type of the pain.
This book helped 9 out of 10 people who referred this book and took medicine accordingly as described in this book and the best part is the one who didn’t find it effective didn’t had any side effect and after all homeopathic medicine are best know for “NO SIDE EFFECTS”.

If you find any problem getting these medicine in your city I can help you get it but please note “IM NOT A DOCTOR”. I can just help you getting these medicine , e-mail me the name of the medicine ill tell you the price and if you want to buy then pay pal me and ill ship the medicine to you.


Any request or any kind of help needed please e-mail us at :

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