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Miasmatic evolution:

There is degeneration of the cervical vertebra with formation of osteophytes due to excessive wear and tear of the cervical spine. This indicates sycotic miasm whereas abnormal calcification in the cervical spine indicates tubercular miasm. A congenital deformity like cervical rib indicates syphilitic miasm.

Since there is degeneration of the cervical spine, the treatment is aimed for the suffering constitution who is prone to develop such a degeneration than for the actual degeneration itself, the reason being many times patients with X-ray changes of cervical degeneration may be quite asymptomatic and then suddenly one fine day they .may develop symptoms of mild to moderate or severe form. Also it has been observed that often symptoms disappear after indicated homoeopathic remedy is given but the changes in the cervical spine persist.

Following four steps are most essential for for the treatment.

Step 1 Detailed homoeopathic history.
The essence of homoeopathic history lies not only in recording the sufferings or the complaints of the patient but to try and get information of the individual whose cervical spine shows degeneration What 1 mean here is 'to inquire about the whole evolution of the patient's illness considering the causative factor which can be physical or mental, also one should inquire about the state of mind at the time of presentation. In chronic cases, I would strongly stress that one should explore the evolution of the whole personality in relation to time dimension e.g.birth history, early childhood, puberty, parental background, schooling and college, nature of the person as a child, premarital and marital relationships, career and occupation, sleep pattern and dreams, all the above should be taken into consideration before selecting the remedy.

Step 2: For the convenience of the readers we have tabulated the therapeutics of cervical spondylosis in the most systematic way so as to help the physician as a quick aid in the clinic.

Step 3: Physiotherapy

Step 4: Repertory.

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