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A Case of Cervical Spondylosis and Ischaemic Heart Disease
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Mr. H.M. aged 49 years came to the clinic on 3rd January ‘95 with the following complaints.
LOCOMOTOR SYSTEM Stiffness < while sleeping
Since 2 years Numbness++ < Afternoon nap
Lt > Rt Feels that Lt
Radiates from nape side is not present < when idle++
of neck. Decrease in the > when Occupied++
strength – 25%-30% > exercise
s of emptiness I > meditation++ the head No pain
RESPIRATORY SYSTEM Nose-block+++ A/F – humidity Since 1975 Coryza-white, < cold water+++ Was better for 8 years watery sometimes > pressure on Started again since Cough-sometimes root of nose 3-4 yrs-continuous Difficulty in breathing

PAST HISTORY - Jaundice at the age of 24 yrs.
Operated for sinus in 1981.
Operated for hernia and Hydrocoele in April 1994.
Anterior Wall Myocardial Infarction in August1991.

Father - Mentally ill due to family problems.
Mother - Heart ailment
Elder Brother - Vitiligo
Younger Sister - Kidney ailment.

Craving - fried foods+++ (fat)
Very much hurried in eating
Sleep - Does not like to sleep especially in the
Afternoon - since he is scared that he will be para,
lysed because of his illness-afraid of going to sleep.
Dreams - Quarrels frightful
Cannot tolerate extremes of temperature.

Patient was born on 20th August 1945. The financial situation of his family was not good. So patient was sent to Porbandur to study in the Hostal from V th to X th standard.

Patient’s father was mentally ill and did not look after his children well-instead would always hit the children or threaten them. Patient used to be frightened of his father. Would always be afraid
So the patient said that his childhood was very sad. He was always moodless and a reserved person as a child. The cheerfulness was missing in his life. Earlier would always stay away from people.
After his S.S.C. patient came to Bomay and joined Siddharth College of Commerce. But in the first year of college he failed and started service. Patient wanted to study further but financially his position was not good.

Patient has an elder brother and three younger sisters. So the responsibility of his family was also on the patient - Even a lot of debts had to be paid. Patient serviced for 4-5 years and then joined someone as a partner for Estate Agents.
At that time patient’s brother was a book-seller and not doing too well. But as an Estate Agent the patient really did well within a span of 2 years. His business flourished.

Then in 1970-71 patient’s brother joined him. Now the patient’s way of business was good, be would earn more than his brother. As it is, his brother’s word could not be trusted, so his dealings would not be done. Elder brother did not like that the patient was doing better than him. So fights began. The years 1975-1979 were the years of turmoil for the patient. Finally both of them separated.
Patient was married in 1973 and his wife’s nature is good. He also has good relations with his 2 children-but cannot look after his children’s studies because of his business.

Patient is very ambitious. He still aspires for his business to grow in size. Patient wants to be in centre of attention – wants people to notice him and appreciate him. he is also of optimistic nature.

Patient gets tensed very easily. Any new problems and he becomes anxious soon. Any important assignment also, the patient will not give to anybody – he will do it by himself. Does not trust anyone easily. While taking a decision also – patient takes time because he is not sure whether he will be right or not and what effect will it have in the future.

He is also very sensitive and emotional. If he sees a poor person. Then will always try to help them. He easily gets affected by sad events Even in movies if he sees an emotional scene, he begins to weep.

Patient becomes angry if anyone lies to him or tries to dominate him. Now the patient is a builder, so comes in contact with the Government Officers or with the unlawful elements. At that time patient keeps quiet. He is also afraid of the unlawful elements.
Nowadays, patient has become more religious. He loves to read religious; books. Spends a lot of time meditating and doing Yoga.

Patient is also timid by nature. He is afraid of sleeping alone in darkness. Always wants someone next to him. He is also afraid of ghosts.
He is also impatient by nature. At the same time hunied in the work, eating and other movements. Very restless by nature.

When patient sterted narrating his complaints in a span of first fifteen minutes, he kept repeating the word “ samajhi gaya ne” which means ‘understood’
The patient also likes to talk to young beautiful girls. He also thinks of sex when he sees any young beautiful girl. Patient is scared to get into any relationship because of the fear of contracting - AIDS.
MIND - Ambition
1.MIND - Anxiety about future
2.MIND - Cares, about future
3.MIND - Fear, apprehension, dread, alone, of being
4. MIND - Fear, apprehension, dread, alone, of being, bed in
5. MIND - Fear, ghosts of
6. MIND - Horrible things, sad stories affect her profoundly
7. MIND - Hurry, haste in eating
8. MIND - Lascivious, lustful
9. MIND - Libertinism
10. MIND - Religious Affections
11. GENERALITIES - Food and drinks, fat desire
12. GENERALITIES - Numbness, externally, left half of the body.
13. GENERALITIES - Numbness externally, unilateral
14. GENITALIA - Male, ejaculation, quick, too.

Nose - cbstruction
Skin - warts
Numbness - one half of body.
Mrs. P.S.V., aged 45 years, came on 20.9.93 with the complaint of severe pain in the left side of the chest and left upper arm.
Pain sharp, shooting < mental stress and tension
< morning
< evening
< motion
> pressure
Physical generals:
Appetite : increased
Thirst : violent
Desires : vegetables, milk
Perspiration : stains yellow
Sleep : disturbed by multiple dreams
Dreams : of huge house – all alone in the house, trying to find her
Associated generals:
Stool : Constipation
Menstrual history:
Menarche : at 12 years
Cycle/duration : 28 days/4-5 days
Character of menstrual flow : Prouuse and dark
Dysmenorrhoea > Pressure
Leucorrhoea after exertion
Mag mur 200 was chosen as the constitutional remady while Paris quadrifolia 30 was the acute remedy chosen and given every 3 hours. Following treatment with above remedies the patient showed remarkable improvement.



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